Monos en la Montaña


The Official trailer for the film by Actor/Director/Producer Juan Fernández.

Gallo has to return to his homeland, Dominican Republic, deported by the United States system after serving a jail time of 25 years for a crime where he was involved by his wife and a man he believed his best friend. Our hero is an imposing and resolute character by the way he faces life and a corrupt society that tries to tag him, ostracizing his lifestyle under the excuse of  social morality. Gallo is forced to face his past and his present demons in an event that may be painful is his spirit’s key, the guide to his future. This story could happen in any country in the world, that even modern and civilized, is full of prejudices.

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Photo credit: Arturo Everett

Photo credit: Arturo Everett

A wealthy group of close friends, The Circle Foundation, choose to endorse a risky charitable cause, Animal Rights and the world around them ignites into a three-ring circus.  As the story begins, Jesus Montenegro and his protege Lorena the organizer of the group is suffering from mid-life ennui, but the somewhat negative reaction to his charity de jour reinvigorates his passion and draws support from unlikely sources.  When Marisol Garcia, a young girl, with a bold affinity for the cause finds her way into their inner circle, Jesus’ protégé Leonardo falls in love with her thus disrupting the delicate balance of power within the group.  The complications between these human beings and dilemma of Animal Rights create the fodder for drama, comedy and everything in between.

The scene is set today – Latin America, one of the largest consumers of animal products in the world.  The tone is elegant, fast and picturesque; the style comic/realism. 

“Money is like manure. It’s not worth a thing unless it’s spread around encouraging young things to grow.”
— Thornton Wilder